Fresh Pasta

Making your own fresh pasta at home just takes 2 ingredients and the freshness makes it totally worth the extra work!There are some things that just ruin you forever.  Like the first time you have a fresh from the garden heirloom tomato.  Or the first time you have a warm, fresh out of the oven piece of homemade bread.  And definitely the first time you have fresh, homemade pasta.  Grocery store tomatoes, bagged bread, and boxed pasta just never taste the same again.

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Crock Pot Honey Mustard Chicken

A super flavorful, easy, weeknight Crock Pot Honey Mustard Chicken is the perfect protein for any meal. 

A super flavorful, easy, weeknight Honey Mustard Chicken made in your crock pot! Have I mentioned how “Quick and Easy” is the theme in our house for dinner, lately?  I loved our Crock Pot before, but now, oh now, it’s a life saver.  This whole working mom thing is seriously kicking my ass.  Shout out to all the other working moms out there to little ones.  Solidarity, sisters!  I’ve got an easy dinner for you: Crock Pot Honey Mustard Chicken!

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Dijon Mustard From Scratch

Making your own Dijon Mustard From Scratch takes only a few ingredients and little time.  It’s way easier than you think!

Making your own Dijon Mustard from scratch is way easier than you think!What’s a sandwich without mustard?  Sad, according to my husband.  Mustard is his favorite condiment and a must on his sandwiches.  And I’m not talking about the florescent yellow stuff, I’m talking about a deliciously spicy Dijon Mustard From Scratch, which turns out is incredibly easy to make!

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One Pan Cabbage and Kielbasa

The perfect weeknight meal is here with this super easy One Pan Cabbage and Kielbasa dinner!

A super easy, one pan Cabbage and Kielbasa that's the perfect weeknight dinner

“What are you…Chinese? Japanese?…”  

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this, I’d have vacation homes in China and Japan.  Instead, my standard response has been,


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Enchilada Sauce From Scratch

In just minutes and simple ingredients you can kick up your enchiladas by making your very own enchilada sauce from scratch!

In just minutes you can make your own enchilada sauce from scratch!Who else loves all things enchiladas? Basically you’re taking an almost perfect food, the burrito, and smothering it with a delicious sauce, cheese, and baking it.  How can you go wrong?  My husband could eat burritos (and enchiladas) every single day and be happy.  No, really. I once tested this theory and made our homemade flour tortillas for a whole week and fed him burritos every night.  By the end, he was sad the burrito run was over.  Ha. 

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