BBQ Sauce from Scratch

My studly husband has a lot of loves.  BBQ and grilling is high on that long list.  Since I’ve known him, he’s made his own BBQ sauce which has always been delicious.  But now.  Oooh now.  We have homemade ketchup and mustard; the two main ingredients!BBQ Sauce from Scratch!

BBQ sauce is actually pretty simple.  I was surprised the first time Dan made it for me.  Because of our ketchup and mustard, we adjusted things a bit.  And of course the hot sauce and liquid smoke aren’t from scratch, but oh my god that hot sauce, Marie Sharps, is the best hot sauce on the planet.  We discovered it while on our honeymoon in Belize and it is sooooo good.

BBQ Sauce from scratch!So since we only had some ketchup left we just added the amounts to its mason jar.  A good sized tablespoon of mustard…BBQ Sauce from scratch!about a 1/4 tsp of liquid smoke…BBQ Sauce from scratch!…some fresh ground pepper…5

6                                                       …some fresh squeezed lemon…                                                                7…a pinch of salt…BBQ Sauce from scratch!… a couple of dashes of hot sauce…10… then cap that baby and give it a good shake.BBQ Sauce from scratch!A really good shake.BBQ Sauce from scratch!Oh hey, and then we had BBQ sauce!  Sweet, spicy, hot, and smokey.13The next night, my grill-master stud of a husband par-boiled some on the bone chicken breasts and then threw them on the grill.BBQ Sauce from scratch!Then he BBQ sauced them up.  We had just enough.  If we’d had more BBQ sauce, we would have smothered them in it.12Nigel wanted to supervise but it was raining so I made him stay inside.  He was not happy about that.BBQ Sauce from scratch!Then after awhile (I have no idea how long they were on, I was busy making bread dough and let the grill-master do his thing), they were done!  Charred crispy skin smothered in BBQ sauce.BBQ Sauce from scratch!And moist and tender on the inside.  BBQ chicken from scratch!

BBQ Sauce From Scratch!
DIY BBQ Sauce!
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Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. BBQ Sauce
  2. A bunch of Ketchup
  3. A lot Less Mustard
  4. A touch of of liquid smoke
  5. Half the juice of a lemon
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. Couple turns of a pepper mill of pepper
  8. A few dashes of hot sauce
  9. Add all the ingredients and mix well.
  1. Ok, this recipe may not be really helpful but it really all is dependent upon individual taste and how your ketchup and mustard turn out.  Our mustard had a nice kick but also a bit of sweetness.  Therefore, we didn't add any brown sugar, which we would have had it been more of a plain mustard.  Everything else, it's whatever floats your boat.  Like a hotter BBQ sauce?  Add more hot sauce (duh).  We never use the same amount of these ingredients, it's a mix, taste, then add more of whatever flavor your want.
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