Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is sooo easy.  So easy.  And so much cheaper than buying it in the store.  I mean really, why spend the money on something that you can make with water and some time?  Exactly.

We always have chicken stock in… stock.  Yeah I’m still on cold meds.  Whenever we have a whole chicken carcass we make stock. It just seems logical to use the whole chicken to it’s fullest.

So yesterday we made a Roasted Rosemary Chicken.  It was delicious. Obviously we didn’t eat the whole chicken between the two of us, so I stripped the rest of the carcass, tupperwared it, and then made stock out of it.10stock

So there was the delicious bird and I was left with all the drippings and buttery juices underneath.  The perfect base for stock.  Although not necessary.  We often make stock with just the carcass and no drippings; it’ll make just as good of a stock.


Once the bird was cleaned I added it to the juices.


Then topped it off with water and turned the burner on high.  I let it boil for about 90 mins, refilling the water periodically as it boiled off.

IMG_0011 IMG_0014

And then it looked like this!  The longer you let it boil the richer it will get, which is why I stopped it after about an hour and half. It was already super rich.  If we were making it straight from a just a carcass and water, I would have added some veggies for flavor, salt, pepper, garlic, etc., and let it boil for longer.  With the butter and drippings, it wasn’t necessary.


And look at that. Super super rich chicken stock.  I strained out the chicken carcass (which was falling to pieces after having boiled for so long) and the herbs and stowaway onions. The battery in Dan’s camera died at this point and so I was charging them and just used my iPad for these quick shots.

The $6 I spent on the chicken, we got a whole chickens worth of meat AND all of this chicken stock which will be added to the collection in our freezer.  I think I’ll make another soup this week.

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