Homemade Almond Milk and what to do with the Almond Pulp


Where are my Vitamix owners out there?  Where ever you are, I’m super jealous.  It’s been on my wish list for a long time and one of the first things I’d make with it?  Almond milk.  I drink almond milk almost every day when I was pregnant and now I continue to drink it by way of homemade lattes.  It’s not that I’m lactose intolerant, I just prefer the taste over cow’s milk.

So today, in keeping with my August theme of reducing food waste in honor of Action Against Hunger and to highlight The Flavor Bender’s campaign For Food. Against Hunger, I’m bringing you this great way to use that leftover almond pulp from The Rising Spoon.  Plus, I’m in New England for awhile doing the Baby Parade with our new little one and all of our family that lives out here, so I leave you with this previously scheduled programming ?homemade-almond-milk-recipeBonus, also from the awesome real food, less processed ingredients, self sufficiency cooking blog after my own heart The Rising Spoon, Almond Milk!

If you have a Vitamix (or Blendtec, or other super powerful blender) please, make some almond milk.  It’s so easy and soooo worth it.  And then tell me about it and make me (again) super jealous because I know how amazingly delicious the uber creamy, and silky it is.  And no, you don’t necessarily need a high end blender to make it, you can make it in a food processor, but the results won’t be the same.  And since I’ve been treated to Vitamix Almond Milk from scratch, I don’t want to taint that glorious memory with a possibly chunkier, less silky, nuttier version that would probably come from my food processor.  

Ok, so now that you’ve made some amazing almond milk, you’re then left with a ton of almond pulp which most of the time just gets thrown away.  But you know that expensive almond flour?  You can make that from the pulp!  Find out how at The Rising Spoon and take another step towards reducing food waste.  Action Against Hunger would be proud!

Then, once you have your own almond flour from scratch, go ahead and treat yourself for being awesome and make some Vegan Salted Cacao Thumbprint Cookies then pat yourself on the back for reducing food waste.  😉 Vegan Salted Cacao Thumbprint Cookies 


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