Homemade Muesli


The first time I had muesli, I was in Northern Italy living with a family on their farm called Cascina Piola . I lived with an Israeli woman, Mika, who was a free spirited graphic designer who spoke Italian and was looking for love in the country-side.  We used to spend hours cleaning basil, picking physalis, or hunting for hazelnuts together where she’d romantically whimsically say, “Isn’t love amazing? Don’t you just want to be in love?”  Anyway, breakfast was always around 7:30 am and being that most Italians don’t eat breakfast, Raffaella (our host) would buy us ‘breakfast foods’.  There are no eggs and toast for breakfast in Italy, they’ll just have un caffè e un biscotti.  Solomente. So Raffaella stocked her house with teas, yogurts, and muesli for us. I had no idea what muesli was, but Mika showed me how to mix a little yogurt with some muesli and add a few fresh slices of fruit. So delicious. I haven’t really had it much since then, and I don’t remember how, but it popped into my head the other day. So I decided to make some of our own.

IMG_1445So what’s in muesli?  I had no idea. So I basically just went to the store, picked up a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, read the ingredients list, and bought whatever that was on the ingredients list and in the bulk section of the store. I didn’t buy any dried fruits though, and although most muesli has dried dates or berries in it, I didn’t like the look of the dried fruits in the store, so I opted out of them. When we finally replace our dehydrator which died last year, we’ll be able to make our own.


I really had no idea how much of everything I should put in, so I just guessed.  A half a cup of this, a half a cup of that, oh wait, I actually want more of that… into a large bowl and given a good mix.  Then into it’s own mason jar for storage, and I had myself some muesli.

The next morning I made myself a little parfait of the muesli, some fat free Tillamook plain Greek Yogurt (yogurts sooo on my wish list to make, but I need a yogotherm first which I haven’t wanted to spend the $50 on yet), and banana slices, topped with a few drizzles of some delicious local honey.

IMG_1565Such a healthy, hearty breakfast. Tons of fiber, vitamins, omega-3s, protein, the list goes on and on. A great way to start the day!

Homemade Muesli

  • 2/3 cup of Triticale oats
  • 2/3 cup of rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup of barley oats
  • 1/4 cup of chopped raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 cup of flax seeds
  • 1/4 cup of wheat germ
  • Can also add : dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, rye grains, spelt  grains, pretty much any grain flaked or oats.

Mix well in a bowl, and store in an airtight container. Mix with plain or sweetened yogurt, honey, or milk, and mix in fresh fruit to serve.


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