Lemon Ricotta Potatoes

lemon ricottaSteak and potatoes.  It’s the manliest of man meals.  Which is why that’s what we had for dinner when our friend  Bronson, aka Bronton (as the adorable Vietnamese owner of Toast N’ Pho calls him), aka LB (short for little brother), aka Iron man (he killed Iron Man Canada last summer finishing sub 12 hrs), came over for dinner.

LB is totally the little (big) brother I’ve always wanted (one of two).  Plus he calls me “Sis” which my own actual brother doesn’t even do.  Actually, my actual (older) brother just calls me “Sister” which isn’t as adorable as “Sis” is, but then again, he’s my actual older brother.  Anyway, we hadn’t seen LB in forever because his job has been sending him to EBF Minnesota for work all week every week, so it was time we had him over for dinner.

The menu: steaks on the grill, asparagus on the grill, and lemon ricotta potatoes.  What are lemon ricotta potatoes?  They’re delicious.  And super easy.

RP1Just a few red potatoes, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper to start.

RP2I pre heated the oven to 450 degrees, then rolled out a long sheet of foil and placed the potatoes on the foil.

RP3Then a drizzle of some good olive oil.  I used some of the left over favor olive oil from our wedding.  We gave these little bottles with oil from Podere Vallari, the Tuscan farm / vineyard I WWOOFed at for a couple of weeks in Nov. 2009.  I worked in their olive groves and just fell in love with Ursula and Sigsmund, their podere, and oil.

18460_221087730679_4364407_nHere are some of their olive groves.  I was there too late in the year to help harvest olives and make oil.


Instead, I helped with clean up.  Bah haha.  While I was there it was pruning time so Sigsmund went around and pruned all of the trees and then we (my fellow WWOOFers and I) would do clean up after.  This meant gathering together all of the pruned branches in a pile and lighting them on fire.  Yeah, I played with fire in olive groves in Tuscany.  It was awesome.

pvSince then, Ursula has been sending me liters of oil from their little post office in Riparbella, nearly every year.  They very generously gifted us 4 liters for our wedding, which we shared with our guests.  They are just the most kindhearted people you’ll ever meet. If you ever go to Tuscany, you have to stop here and spend some time with this incredible German couple on the Tuscan coast.  Seriously!  They have enough space for people to holiday with them!   And you should. Because they are amazing and that’s how I prefer to really experience a location: with locals as a visitor, not as a tourist.

RP4Anyway.  So I used some of their olive oil for these potatoes.  Just a little drizzle.  Then some sea salt.

RP5And then I wrapped them up in a little foil pack, put it on a tray, and popped it in the oven.

RP740 minutes later, they were perfectly cooked!  I cut little Xs in each and squeezed ’em together.

RP9While they had been baking in the oven, I made some ricotta from the whey that I had left over from the mozzarella I used for pizza.   I also made a lemon mixture with the juice of fresh lemon, sea salt, pepper, and some fresh lemon thyme.  Totally forgot to take a picture of this, I was busy catching up with LB.

RP10But, once the potatoes were popped open, I drizzled some of the lemon juice in each potato, then topped them with the fresh ricotta, and drizzled a little more of the juice on top.

RP12Oh and you can’t have a manly man dinner without a manly man drink.  I had a glass of a Beaujolais LB brought over and I poured the Men some Basil Hayden’s.

RP11Yum.  Light and bright, and fresh.  The ricotta had a nice mild flavor which picked up the lemon juice and salt and pepper and thyme.

RP13We served with a size of grilled asparagus and a nice juicy medium rare steak right off the grill, it was a perfectly manly, but still a very healthy, dinner!

Lemon Ricotta Potatoes

  • Red skinned potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Juice of a fresh lemon
  • fresh lemon thyme
  • Ricotta

Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.  Clean potatoes and line in a long sheet of foil. Drizzle with olive oil and salt.  Wrap in foil and place on baking sheet and put in oven.

Squeeze lemon juice, add salt to taste, pepper to taste, and lemon thyme to taste.

After 40 minutes, take potatoes out of oven, open foil and cut Xs in tops of potatoes.  Transfer to plate and drizzle lemon mixture in potatoes.  Top with dollop of fresh ricotta cheese and then drizzle with more lemon mixture.

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