Sweet Potato Chips: Dog Treats


Have I mentioned how amazing our dehydrator is?  Best gift ever from the most thoughtful and hilarious people ever.  Since we’ve gotten it, it’s been running non stop.  No, really. The only time it’s not running is when I’m switching things in and out of it and washing the trays. Otherwise, it sits in our little nook, away from everything, just doing it’s own little dehydrating thing.  We’ve made jerky, banana chips, dried blueberries, onions are in there now so I can make our own onion powder, and I failed three different times with crinkle cut potato chips.  Three!  I still haven’t figured it out, which is sad. But even more sad is that those 3 times, the 40 hours of dehydrator time was wasted on those failed little chippies. That’s 40 hours that jerky could have been being made!  So I’ve determined that dehydrated crinkle cut chips just isn’t going to happen.  Especially since these super thin, normal cut sweet potato chips came out so lovely!


Have I also mentioned how much I love our mandolin? It made these chips even easier!


Slices of a sweet potato or yam and little bit of salt, and into the dehydrator for 12 – 15 hours and bam!  So easy.  IMG_4942

I, personally, like these chips and snacked on a few, but I really made them to be dog treats. Plus, Dan wasn’t a huge fan of them so we put them in a plastic bag for our four legged son with his other treats.


He was pretty excited about them. Although, any bag that’s opened around him he thinks it’s a treat for him. The spoiled monster.


I love that (enormous) sweet face!


Even though he has a mouth big enough to take off my fingers,

IMG_4949He’s such a gentle giant.

IMG_4947Nom nom nom.


“Catch” is not one of Nigel’s skills. I tossed him one to catch and he missed, like he normally does. It landed on his paw and he felt slightly defeated.

Then he looked up at me with this “can I have it?” face. I freaking love this dog.


He of course got that one and many many many more.  Sweet Potato chips; Nigel tested and Nigel approved.

Sweet Potato Chips: Dog Treats

  • Sweet potatoes / yams
  • salt

Clean and dry potatoes. Slice potatoes long side very thin with a mandolin. Sprinkle with salt, and add to food dehydrator on highest setting for approximately 12 hours or until dried and crisp.

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