Vegan No Bake Elvis Bars


Vegan. I know. This household is faaarrr from being Vegan, but we’re not opposed to it. Hell, we live in Portland, OR, we kind of have to not be opposed to it. Especially since two of our very good friends are vegan.  But they’re not the crazy ones like the ones who balk at anything that may have even been in the near vicinity of butter or real eggs or who try to convert people around them to be vegan. They’re very relaxed about it and when they go out it’s more of a, “It’s cool, I’ll just eat around the other stuff,”  Plus, when they went to Paris, Veganism was on hold because you cannot go to Paris and not eat cheese and charcuterie while sipping wine. Yeah, they’re my kind of Vegans.

Anyway, we were headed over there for dinner one night and I wanted to bring a dessert. Usually when we’d go over for dinner I would just stop at Back to Eden Bakery which is down the street from our house and who make the most wonderfully (non vegan tasting) vegan desserts. But this time I wanted to try my own.  I was informed we were having not only a vegan but a Raw meal (it was a delicious ‘lasagna’ made from tons of fresh veggies and creamed cashews), which meant I was on the hunt for a vegan raw dessert.


Thank goodness for the Oh She Glows website that is a haven of vegan, raw, gluten free, nut free recipes that are all conveniently labeled. I decided to make her Elvis Bars. (Peanut butter and bananas, like Elvis’ favorite sandwich) Pretty simple, although I substituted almond butter for peanut and if I’d had enough time, I would have made my own almond butter from scratch, but I was on a time crunch.  So I bought the smallest jar that I could find because that’ll be on my list of things to make!


First, the crust, which was pretty much just ground almonds held together with coconut oil and almond butter.  I didn’t have a square pan, so I just used a pie dish.


Then the middle layer of bananas, coconut oil, and more almond butter.


All smoothed out and popped into the freezer to set for at least an hour and a half. I actually would have liked to have kept mine in the freezer longer, but I was running out of time.


Once they were all hardened, I cut them up into bar(esq) shapes, and with the parchment paper already underneath, it made this super easy to transfer. Also, the perfect “back-splash” for the chocolate drizzle!  With a double boiler I just melted some semi-sweet baking chocolate.


Which I clearly needed. I really need to work on my chocolate drizzle skills.


Not too shabby. Although definitely lacking in the chocolate department.


They were quite delicious though. Had I eaten them without knowing they were vegan or raw, I wouldn’t have guessed!  Super almondy with a hint of banana in the middle layer that was hardened by the freezing, but would instantly soften and go super creamy when you took a bite. Protein packed little dessert bars!

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