20 Minute

tomato artichoke pasta

Our 20 Minute Tomato Artichoke Pasta is made with fresh tomatoes, artichokes, cheese, and a secret ingredient that adds so much flavor!


Penne Pasta | Cherry Tomatoes Artichoke Hearts | Olive Oil Onion | Garlic | Capers | Miso Paste Parmesan | Oregano | Basil Salt | Pepper | Parsley

Saute the Veggies First, the onions and garlic and then the artichokes and tomatoes, crushing the tomatoes as they cook to add to the sauce.

Add Miso  Once the tomatoes are tender, then add the miso paste, some of the pasta water, and half of the cheese, and mix well.

Add Pasta and Cheese Once pasta water, miso, and a little bit of the cheese is mixed well into a sauce, then it's all ready for the pasta, capers, and the rest of the cheese.

Finish with some fresh parsley.

Flavorful fast & easy!

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