Homemade  Apple Fritters

These Easy Homemade Apple Fritters are packed full of fresh apples, simple to make, and can be ready in just 30 minutes!


Apples | Flour | Cinnamon | Salt Baking Powder | Nutmeg | Ginger Sugar | Eggs | Milk | Butter | Oil   GLAZE Powdered Sugar | Vanilla | Milk

Dice the apples, and add lemon juice.  Whisk eggs. Add milk, vanilla, and cooled melted butter. Combine dry ingredients and add to wet. Mix well until a loose dough is formed. Fold in apples.

Heat oil over medium heat until the oil reaches 375°F. Drop batter into oil in batches. Fry until the outside is golden brown. Flip and fry other side. Transfer to a cooling rack.

Make the glaze by combining sugar, vanilla, and milk. Drizzle  over the cooled fritters & let dry.

Ready in just 30 minutes!

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