Tomato marinara Pasta

Elevate a classic by making it entirely from scratch!  The result is an amazing and authentic homemade marinara sauce and pasta dish that's ready in just 30 minutes!


Fresh Pasta | Roma Tomatoes Olive Oil | Garlic | Salt Basil | Onion Powder Parmesan Cheese

-Slice tomatoes and scoop out seeds. Set aside. -Finely grate the flesh of the tomatoes. -Push through a sieve to separate out seeds.

Heat the oil and garlic, add the grated tomato sauce, salt and basil. Bring to a gentle boil then reduce to a simmer for about 10 minutes.

Add onion powder then fresh pasta to the sauce. Cook for 4-5 minutes, turning frequently to coat with sauce. Check for doneness before plating.

Plate and top with Parmesan cheese and fresh basil. – Enjoy!

I came across this post at the perfect time - we always have so many tomatoes from our garden, I am always looking for new recipes to give a try to use up all of those tomatoes!


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