Put those fresh summer cherries to use for this Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream! Make it with an ice cream maker or as no-churn ice cream, both ways make a creamy dreamy copycat of a classic!


Cherries | Whole Milk | Heavy Cream Egg Yolks | Sugar | Lemon Juice Vanilla | Chocolate Chips | Salt

Add the churn of ice cream maker to the freezer to chill. Pit the cherries. Divide into 1lb & 1/2 lb. - Add 1lb to a pan with sugar. Let sit for 30 min to macerate. - 1/2 lb of cherries, roughly chop and set aside.

Create your custard:  Heat the milk. Whisk the Egg yolks with sugar and add to heated milk. Cook and whisk until thick.  Then strain into bowl on an ice bath.

Add lemon juice to cherries & cook until a syrup begins to form  Pour into a sieve to separate cooked cherries from cherry sauce and set both aside.

Add cream, cherry sauce, vanilla & a pinch of salt to custard Whisk until smooth - Churn for 20 min Add chopped cherries, cooked cherries & chocolate chips  - Churn for another 15 min Freeze for 3-4 hrs


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