Panko Chicken Tenders


Ditch the fast-food or frozen option. These Baked Panko Chicken Tenders are the healthy non-fried, easy, and crispy alternative that's full of flavor and super delicious!


Boneless Chicken Tenders | Egg Panko Breadcrumbs | Mayonnaise Dijon Mustard | Paprika | Salt | Pepper Garlic Powder | Onion Powder

Toast Breadcrumbs Spread panko breadcrumbs on baking sheet, spray with oil and bake until they begin to turn golden brown.

Coat Chicken Whisk the batter ingredients together, and dredge the chicken in the batter, then into the toasted panko breadcrumbs.

Bake Place on a baking sheet, give a final quick sprinkle of kosher salt and then bake for 15 minutes or 20 if they're really large.

Garnish Sprinkle with fresh minced parsley if desired and then serve immediately with your favorite condiment!

Full of Flavor!

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