tuna pea


Ready in under 20 minutes, this Tuna Pea Pasta is a light, healthy, pasta with tuna recipe made with fresh herbs, canned tuna, and sweet peas. It is so easy to make and a family favorite that can be served hot or cold or for lunch or dinner!


Pasta | Tuna | Peas  Pepper | Salt | Olive Oil Parsley | Garlic | Lemon Juice Onion | Dill | Parmesan Cheese

Start Cooking Prep a pot of boiling water. Add pasta and then a few minutes in, add the peas.

Time for Dressing Make your light, bright, dressing. Whisk olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Add the Pasta  Cook the onions & garlic, then, drain pasta/peas. Add to the pan along with the tuna.

Finish Up! Add herbs, mix, and then drizzle dressing. Add Parmesan cheese and give a final mix.

Ready  in under  20 minutes!

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