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  • On you condensed cream of celery soup…how long to pressure can? 10 lbs at 25 min? I tried asking in comments and it wouldn’t let me thanks in advance!

    • Hi Corinna,

      No problem! Sorry about that – my comments section was down for a little while so I’m glad you asked here! I actually think it’s best to go longer – like an hour and 25 minutes at 10lbs for quart sized jars. Or about an hour for pint sized jars. Enjoy!!

  • I was just looking at your sourdough rye crackers. They look wonderful. But you have coarse sea salt listed and not refered to in the recipe. I assume it gets sprinkled on the crackers before baking?
    Seems like your comment function is still down.

    • Oh thank you, Jody! Eeek – I thought it was back up! Grrr technology. But thank you for pointing that out! Yes – a good sprinkle before baking! I’ll go add that now! Let me know how you like them!!

  • I saw this show that made a homemade merange cake. I can’t find the recipe for it anywhere. It has been several months since i saw it ,but it was low temperature baked merange. Sorry about not having more information about it.

  • I wanted to make your recipe for oatmeal quinoa chocolate chip cookies, but ran into a problem. In the text of the instructions, it indicates to “add the eggs”. But nowhere in the list of ingredients does it mention eggs. So I have no idea if there are really supposed to be eggs in the mix, and if so, how many?? Can you please clarify? Thanks very much.

  • Your Ritz Cracker recipe link is not working. Please fix it. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes! They sound great.

  • Hi, In your Crustless Spinach and Feta Quiche, you say 2 bunches of spinach. How much would that figure out to in ounces? I buy fresh spinach in a 16 oz package. This recipe sounds really good and am looking forward to making it! Thank you very much!

  • Great webpage thank you very much for all the work you do. I just made your Dave’s killer bread Recipe, it’s in the oven and should be done in 30 minutes I can’t wait for it to come out the dough look beautiful.

  • I just love making my own bread! I haven’t bought bread since the beginning of the year! Crusty chewy rye is one of my favorites!
    It is also my son’s favorite! I plan on giving him a loaf as a surprise 🎁
    Due to chronic pain I would not be able to do it all in one day though.
    Can I break up the steps and bake it on day two?
    I can hardly wait to try this yummy looking rye bread!

  • I have acid reflux and am trying to find a recipe for dressing. Do you know of any good ones? Do different vinegars have different degrees of acidity? Chau

    • Hi Chau! Great question. Ok so different vinegars DO have different acidity levels and also keep in mind that Lemon Juice has even higher acidity. It’s important to read the bottle as even different types will vary, but generally, Apple Cider Vinegar will have the lowest, white vinegar the highest. With that said, this one may be good for you – Cesar Dressing because it has some other components to neutralize the acid a little.

      Otherwise, I would definitely say away from dressings that are Vinaigrette because the main component will be lemon juice. I also have a Green Goddess style dressing that has a bit of apple cider vinegar in it, but also quite a bit of avocado.

      Good luck! And let me know if you try any of these and how they fare for you!