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  • On you condensed cream of celery soup…how long to pressure can? 10 lbs at 25 min? I tried asking in comments and it wouldn’t let me thanks in advance!

    • Hi Corinna,

      No problem! Sorry about that – my comments section was down for a little while so I’m glad you asked here! I actually think it’s best to go longer – like an hour and 25 minutes at 10lbs for quart sized jars. Or about an hour for pint sized jars. Enjoy!!

  • I was just looking at your sourdough rye crackers. They look wonderful. But you have coarse sea salt listed and not refered to in the recipe. I assume it gets sprinkled on the crackers before baking?
    Seems like your comment function is still down.

    • Oh thank you, Jody! Eeek – I thought it was back up! Grrr technology. But thank you for pointing that out! Yes – a good sprinkle before baking! I’ll go add that now! Let me know how you like them!!