Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch

Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch is a sweet, rich, frosting that’s made with fresh, homemade cream cheese.
Put some Homemade Cream Cheese to work by making this sweet, rich, Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch!

Normally, I don’t have a big sweet tooth,  but with the craziness of our lives lately, everything sweet just tastes sooo much better.  Maybe it’s because of those extra hours I’m spending in a car on a new long commute, and not just any car, a rental car because my car was rear ended in February and I’m still waiting to get my car back from the shop, or maybe it’s because the whole working mom life balance thing just needs some sweets to make everything easier.  No matter the reason, have you guys made cream cheese from scratch, yet?   No?  Then not only are you missing out on homemade cream cheese, but also this sweet, rich, eat by the spoonful Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch.Put some Homemade Cream Cheese to work by making this sweet, rich, Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch!Homemade Cream Cheese  is incredibly easy to make and for this batch I left a little more moisture in the cheese for optimal frosting creaminess. you have your cream cheese then to make it into a decadent frosting is even easier.  Just mix it with butter, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract (also easy to make from scratch) and a pinch of salt.All blended together with a hand mixer and then it’s ready for the party! Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch!The perfect sweet, rich, and creamy frosting for any cake.  Especially to balance this subtly sweet carrot  cake!  Sign up to receive new posts via email to be the first to see this carrot cake recipe!  

Cream Cheese Frosting From Scratch

A rich, creamy, sweet frosting made with homemade cream cheese!
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  • In a medium bowls add cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract and salt. Cream with a hand mixer. Slowly add sugar, one cup at a time and blend until creamy.
  • Frost your favorite treat!

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