16 Favorite From Scratch Condiments

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16 Favorite From Scratch CondimentsCondiments. They have a way of multiplying in your fridge, don’t they? Open your fridge right now, how many bottles of random condiments are in there?  Don’t get me started on what my mom had in her fridge.  4 mustards.  12 mayo / miracle whip varieties.  32 jams / chutneys.  57 other jars of un-categorical sauces/spreads/dressings/randomness.  Ok ok, no, she didn’t have 100+ jars in her fridge, but it was close.  Think of all of the money you spend on condiments.  And how often do you clean out your fridge and then throw a ton of them away?  You know what helps cut down on costs and waste?  Making your own, from scratch condiments!  Here’s a list of 16 of my favorites!   


Classic Banana Walnut Bread

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Classic Banana Walnut Bread from scratchEveryone loves a classic right?  I mean you don’t get the term ‘classic’ without being worthy.  And that’s what this banana bread is.  Worthy.  As anyone who has read this blog at least a little bit knows, my husband and I have a slight obsession with bananas.  My mom, she doesn’t share that obsession.  While I’ve been here I’ve been sure to pick myself up some bananas on my grocery trips because they’re not a staple in this house.  But coming from a household where at least 2 bananas a day are consumed, I overestimated how many I needed and had a few that went way overripe before I could get to them.  Where’s my husband when I needed him?!


Homemade Cheez-It Crackers

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Homemade Cheez-Its!Guys.  Home. Made. Cheez-Its.  I might be freaking out a just a little; they are seriously up there on my favorite snack foods.  They combine three of the my most favorite things: Cheese, salt, and crunch.  Although they don’t look just like the classic Cheez-It, they’re a little thicker (always room for improvement), and they’re technically not from scratch because I haven’t mastered the cheddar cheese making yet- trust me.  They’re sooooo good.


Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

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Boston Cream Pie made into a cupcake form with a from scratch vanilla pudding filling and homemade ganache!Helllooo from the quaint, white steeple church-ed, rolling hills, of New Hampshire!  I’m here in my hometown with my mom helping her recover from a surgery.  All has been going very well ’cause, well, it’s my mom and she’s kind of a strongest woman I know.  So while I’m here, I’m cooking anything she or her other half wants.  When I posed the question of what a favorite dessert was, one of the (many) answers: Boston Cream Pie.  Something I’ve never made before!  Done.  But since I didn’t want to make a whole cake, the answer: cupcakes.  The answer is always, cupcakes.


Jalapeno Poppers From Scratch

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Garden fresh jalapenos stuffed with bacon and homemade cheeses!Bonjour from beautiful Whistler, British Columbia!  We’ve been up here for the past week by 1. Celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary by doing what we’ve decided we’ll do every anniversary– go somewhere cool and play outdoors  and 2. My studly husband competing in his first IronMan!  As I type he is dropping off his TT bike and transition bags in preparation for the big day tomorrow where he’ll swim, bike, and run a total of 140.6 miles.  Me, I’ll be on the sidelines with our dog Nigel drinking a beer cheering them on.  And if we’d had any leftover, I’d also be eating these from scratch jalapeno poppers. 


Kale Paneer

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Kale Paneer with homemade PaneerSince I had just made some fresh homemade paneer, I had to make one of my favorite paneer dishes, Saag Paneer.  But as we were getting ready to go on vacation and our fridge was kind of bare but the kale in our garden overflowing, I adjusted this recipe to a uber quick, simpler kale version!


Homemade Paneer

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From Scratch Paneer is so much easier than you think to make at home!  It's only 2 ingredients! Hands down, the BEST thing about cooking From Scratch is homemade cheese.  The second best, thing?  It’s easier than most people think.  Seriously.  Homemade Paneer cheese is 2 ingredients.  TWO!  And in my book, it’s way easier than maneuvering through a grocery store.


Arugula Watermelon Feta Salad

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The perfect summer salad: Arugula, Watermelon, and Homemade Feta Cheese with a bright citrus vinaigrette Ah, summer.  I love your long days and sunshine.  I just wish there were more of you.  How is summer already half over and how is it that we’re booked solid from now until the middle of September?  There just aren’t enough days to fit in all the summer fun we want to have.  


21 Delicious Ways to Use Overripe Bananas

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21 Delicious Ways to use Overripe BananasOh Bananas.  Potassium rich, fuel filled, delicious delicious bananas, I love you.  Really.  My husband and I each eat a banana for breakfast every singe day.  We always have them in our house (and our freezer), but with this heat wave our bananas are ripening way too fast, even for how quickly we eat them.  I’ve been sticking them in our freezer to save them for Banana Ice Cream that one of my besties, Stephanie The Cozy Cook introduced me to (her Pure Banana Soft Serve is amazing!), but it’s gotten to the point where our freezer is full of them! I’m out of space!


Fennel Frond Pesto

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Fennel Pasta from ScratchI might have planted a TON of fennel this year.  And by a ton, I mean about 12 plants.  I love fennel.  However, it also means that my garden beds are exploding with not just the little growing fennel bulbs, but also their huge fronds (greens).  It’s a little out of control.  My husband says our garden beds look like they have afros.  “Delicious sweet anise afros!”  Was my response.