Homemade Peppermint Patties

candy, sweets | October 1, 2015 | By

Homemade Peppermint Patties made From Scratch with only 5 ingredients! Well, apparently I’m on a sweet tooth kick.  But trust me, my husband is not complaining.  He came home the other night with a peppermint patty that he had succumbed to in the grocery store line, which immediately made me want to make them from scratch!  


Homemade Milano Cookies

sweets | September 21, 2015 | By

Chocolate Mint Milano Cookies are SO delicious and surprisingly easy to make at home, from scratch!It’s been way too long since I’ve baked something sweet, especially for my studly husband. The last sweet treat I made was in NH for my mom, Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, and my poor hubby was totally left out of those.  So I was in the mood to make something sweet, specifically, cookies. 


Butter Garlic Mushrooms

sides, vegetarian | September 17, 2015 | By

Baby bella mushrooms are sauteed with loads of garlic and butter to make the most rich, earthy, and delicious side!At first, I wasn’t quite sure whether these guys were Garlic Butter Mushrooms or Butter Garlic Mushrooms, ’cause there’s a lot of both in this uber delicious, super easy side dish.  Ultimately, I decided on Butter Garlic because even though there are 6 cloves of garlic, the butter… the rich, smooth, felt like your tongue just got a big ol’ hug of all the flavors that get completely absorbed into the mushrooms… the butter won. 


Easy Herbed Chicken

chicken, dinner | September 12, 2015 | By

Easy Herbed Chicken Legs - delicious and low maintenance!

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of a gal.  Getting ready to go anywhere? Under 5 mins (30 if there’s snoozing, a shower, and breakfast involved).  My purse? It’s technically just a wallet that’s big enough to fit my cell phone and keys. I like a lot of things easy, simple, and classic.


Simmered Eggs and Kale

breakfast, eggs, vegetarian | September 9, 2015 | By

Simmered Eggs in chicken stock sautéed Kale. A hearty healthy way to start your day with plenty of greens!Sometimes, I have really great ideas.  Like topping leftover sauteed kale with a poached egg.  Ok, that wasn’t so much an ‘idea’ as it was I wanted poached eggs for breakfast but we didn’t have any bread and these leftovers seemed like the only thing we had that would have worked as an appropriate poached egg vessel. 


Sweet Zucchini Relish

condiments | September 4, 2015 | By

From Scratch Sweet Zucchini Relish - the perfect way to use up those huge late summer zucchinis!Hello!  Today I’m sharing this oldie, but goodie, Sweet Zucchini Relish, for 3 reasons:

1. The end of summer is near and I can feel it in the air and this relish is the closest thing I’ve found to putting summer in a jar.  


Grilled Parmesan Garlic Tomatoes

appetizers, vegetarian | August 27, 2015 | By

Grilled Parmesan Garlic TomatoesOk, I know I say this every year, but how is it that summers are sooo incredibly busy?! I just got back from NH after seeing my mom and an amazing quick visit with my long lost bestie Stephanie, The Cozy Cook, and I haven’t really stopped since.  In addition to a mini promotion/added work load, I got a late summer cold, and because of the aforementioned mini promotion and being gone for 28 days out of the 30 days prior to my return, I didn’t dare take any additional time off.  Plus, the hubster is even busier at his office, so the cooking’s been minimal. The house is a disaster. The fridge is a barren wasteland.  The laundry overflow-eth.


16 Favorite From Scratch Condiments

condiments | August 23, 2015 | By

16 Favorite From Scratch CondimentsCondiments. They have a way of multiplying in your fridge, don’t they? Open your fridge right now, how many bottles of random condiments are in there?  Don’t get me started on what my mom had in her fridge.  4 mustards.  12 mayo / miracle whip varieties.  32 jams / chutneys.  57 other jars of un-categorical sauces/spreads/dressings/randomness.  Ok ok, no, she didn’t have 100+ jars in her fridge, but it was close.  Think of all of the money you spend on condiments.  And how often do you clean out your fridge and then throw a ton of them away?  You know what helps cut down on costs and waste?  Making your own, from scratch condiments!  Here’s a list of 16 of my favorites!   


Classic Banana Walnut Bread

breads, breakfast | August 11, 2015 | By

Classic Banana Walnut Bread from scratchEveryone loves a classic right?  I mean you don’t get the term ‘classic’ without being worthy.  And that’s what this banana bread is.  Worthy.  As anyone who has read this blog at least a little bit knows, my husband and I have a slight obsession with bananas.  My mom, she doesn’t share that obsession.  While I’ve been here I’ve been sure to pick myself up some bananas on my grocery trips because they’re not a staple in this house.  But coming from a household where at least 2 bananas a day are consumed, I overestimated how many I needed and had a few that went way overripe before I could get to them.  Where’s my husband when I needed him?!


Homemade Cheez-It Crackers

snacks | August 8, 2015 | By

Homemade Cheez-Its!Guys.  Home. Made. Cheez-Its.  I might be freaking out a just a little; they are seriously up there on my favorite snack foods.  They combine three of the my most favorite things: Cheese, salt, and crunch.  Although they don’t look just like the classic Cheez-It, they’re a little thicker (always room for improvement), and they’re technically not from scratch because I haven’t mastered the cheddar cheese making yet- trust me.  They’re sooooo good.