21 Superbowl Snacks From Scratch

Make you snacking game strong before the big Game! 21 of my favorite Superbowl Snacks From Scratch perfect for your Superbowl Party!

Make you snacking game strong before the big Game! 21 of my favorite Superbowl Snacks From Scratch perfect for your Superbowl Party!It’s that time of year again!  You know, when you gather a bunch of your friends together with your favorite beers and snacks to hang out all day eating and drinking and watching the best commercials money can buy.  Oh, and I guess there’s a game before and after a halftime show too.  ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Ok I’m not a huge football fan.  And even though my husband is, it’s for the original football, soccer.  With that said, I am a fan of hanging out with friends eating and drinking while football is on the TV!  While everyone else’s focus is on the game, my is usually on the snacks.  So for you fellow football snack connoisseurs, here’s a list of 21 of my favorite Superbowl worthy Snacks From Scratch! Tater Tots From Scratch!First, one of my personal favorites and weaknesses, Tater Tots.  Making them from scratch was way easier than I thought! Then served with some 5 minute homemade ketchup, and it’s the ultimate snack from scratch.From Scratch Pretzel Bites with a Hot Honey Mustard dipping sauce!Another little dip-able bite of deliciousness?  These from scratch Pretzel Bites with a Hot Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce are a hit at every party we bring them to.  You can even skip the butter wash and make them vegan friendly.Jalapeno Poppers from Scratch with homemade cheeses!Need a little more heat?  These Jalapeno Poppers from Scratch are made with a mixture of homemade feta and cream cheese.  Plus it’s topped with bacon, which of course just makes it better.Guinness candied baconSpeaking of bacon… Guinness. Candied. Bacon.  That’s all I’ll say about that.Whipped feta arugula crostiniWell now that you have that homemade feta and cream cheese, you can just whip them together and make a Whipped Feta and Arugula Crostini on a from scratch baguette.Ricotta chimi bruschettaOr try making some fresh ricotta cheese from scratch and use the other baguette for these Ricotta Chimichurri Bruschetta.
Flour Tortilla Chips and GuacamoleFor a more traditional snack, I’ve got you covered with some Homemade Guacamole and Flour Tortilla Chips from scratch.Corn tortilla chips from scratchHave some gluten free friends?  Then try some Corn Tortilla Chips from scratch.Spelt crackers from scratch!Or some super healthy Spelt Crackers from scratch!Vegan mushroom tapenadeServe them with some Vegan Mushroom Tapanade for your vegan friends!Avocado corn salsa from scratchGluten free, vegan, and paleo diets you need to accommodate?  Then this Avocado Corn Salsa is a must because your regular diet friends will have no idea it’s any of the above.Pita chips from scratch!I think it’s best with some from scratch Pita Chips.Ritz Crackers from scratch!Or with some buttery Ritz Crackers from scratch! Homemade Cheez Its!But if cheesy crackers are more your thing, then try some Homemade Cheez-Its!cheddar sour cream potato chipsOr get even crazier with some homemade Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips."Cheezy" kale chipsOr some “Cheezy” Kale Chips for the vegans in the group.sun dried tomato kale chipsGet even fancier with some Sun dried Tomato Cashew Kale Chips.sun dried tomato hummusAnd while you’re at it, toss those sun dried tomatoes from scratch into some hummus!honey roasted peanutsBut you can’t forget the peanuts, like these Honey Roasted Peanuts. They’re one of our classic, go-to football watching snacks.mini sweet pepper nachosOr twist a classic and make some Mini Sweet Pepper Nachos!Blue Cheese From ScratchAnd finally, it’s not a football party without some wings. Or buffalo legs, if you don’t have wings.  But whatever buffalo meaty-ness you’re serving, serve it with some Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing to complete your ultimate Superbowl Snacks From Scratch party!  

Go Pats!  Oh wait… yeah guess I’ll really only be concerned with the snacks and Budweiser Clydesdales this year ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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